5 Examples of Kitchen Splashback Panels

Let’s face it; kitchens today are generally nothing like they were a few decades ago. Of all the rooms in a home, kitchens have probably evolved the most. People, and especially the younger generation, want their kitchens to be just as fashionable as any other room in the house. Yes, they want practicality, but they want it in a perfect setting.

Even kitchen appliances have changed. Just take a look at some of the fridges; ranges, and other appliances on offer these days. People no longer want any old fridge that is capable of keeping stuff cool. They want a fridge that looks stunning as well. At the very least, they want appliances that fit in with the overall look and/or layout of their kitchens like the ones found here.

The exact same thing applies when it comes to things like tiling and fitted kitchens. Tiles, both for the floor and the walls need to be perfect, and all fitted cupboards need to match those tiles. If you have ever been involved in decorating a kitchen then you will know just how much of a difference wall tiles can make to the overall appearance of a kitchen. They are one of the most dominating features, and even more so if you have an eye-catching splashback or two.

Sadly, it is quite difficult to end up with a very creative splashback if you are forced to rely on ceramic tiles. Yes, you can integrate an interesting sort of pattern by using tiles which are different to the rest of the tiles, but that’s about as far as you can go.

Acrylic Kitchen Splashback Panels

Now, you will be forgiven if you have never heard of acrylic splashbacks before, or if you have your doubts about using an acrylic material in such close proximity to high heat sources. In truth, though, these splashbacks have been around for some time already, and they are extremely safe. They are also just as durable as your regular tiles, especially if you buy a good quality splashback.

These kitchen splashback panels come in a wide range of designs to suit all tastes, but it doesn’t end there. You can also order printed acrylic splashbacks, and this, of course, opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Here are 5 kitchen splashback examples you might want to consider:

Example 1 – Tranquility

Do you want your kitchen to have a beautiful sense of tranquility? Why not install a printed acrylic splashback featuring a nice river scene; a beach scene, or maybe a lovely waterfall scene? A good supplier will have a range of different scenes that you can choose, and your chosen splashback will then be cut to the size you have specified before it is shipped to you.

Example 2 – Cityscape

If you are a true urbanite, you could always opt for a splashback featuring your favorite city. Every time you are standing by your stove, you’ll be able to gaze at London; New York; Paris, or any other city in the world for that matter.

Example 3 – Wildlife

Wildlife scenes make for really fascinating splashbacks, and they never fail to get people talking. A big lion resting under the shade of a big tree, or perhaps a few giraffe grazing in the wild will instantly transform the appearance of any kitchen.

Example 4 – Warmth

Do you want to give your kitchen a feeling of warmth, along with a nice natural touch? Add a lovely warm glow by installing an acrylic splashback featuring the majestic and seemingly endless dunes of the mighty Sahara, or choose any other similar scene.

Example 5 – Custom Printed Splashbacks

One of the best things about printed acrylic splashbacks is the fact that you can have them custom printed to suit your own individual preferences. While not all suppliers offer this option, there are some who do. Basically, you can send them any picture or any photo of your liking, and they will then print that onto your splashback panels – have a look here: http://splashacrylic.com