A Guide to Handling Construction Issues and Disagreements

construction disputes

Making changes to the structure of your business or personal residence takes quite a bit of work. In many cases, outside vendors and contractors are brought into the home to complete the work.

Big Projects Or Small

For example, if you are adding a wing onto your house, you may need to hire an architect. If you are remodeling your bathroom, a general contractor and plumber may be necessary.  Because you are dealing with other people, it is possible that one or both of you may feel irritated or frustrated at times during the communication process. When problems arise the best thing to do is to get the right advice, sometimes from a lawyer or barrister like www.StewartPattersonBarrister.co.uk

Construction Disputes Resolved Quickly

If a dispute occurs, it is important that it is resolved quickly. Doing so ensures that money is not wasted needlessly because the project is delayed. Luckily, there are several ways to tackle a dispute with a contractor. Some of these methods have been around for many years, and others are just becoming more popular as of late.


Begin with mediation tactics. When mediation occurs, you and the contractor meet with a third party to talk through the situation. The mediator should be someone unknown to either you or the contractor, in order to ensure that they do not take sides in the case.

This individual should also be familiar with the law, so they can give both sides appropriate advice. Therefore, it is important to take the time to select a good mediator. Going through mediation is often best, because it keeps the dispute out of court.


There are times that mediation does not work. In that case, it is best to move on to arbitration. Arbitration is similar to taking a case to trial, but it is not quite as formal. You may be asked to appear before a panel of individuals or you may simply state your case in front of one individual. Unlike mediation, the ruling in arbitration is legally binding. The advantages to arbitration are that it is less expensive than taking a case to court and it generally does not take as long for a judgment to be handed down.

Stewart Patterson Barrister


Many people have heard of both mediation and arbitration. Alternative Dispute Resolution is a newer form of resolving your conflicts with another individual or team. Once a dispute happens, a team consisting of both lawyers and those in the construction field gather together.  You, as well as the other party, meet with them to talk through the case.

Solutions are presented in a logical manner, and a resolution is often arrived at in a very quick period of time. It may be that either mediation or arbitration is still necessary, but if that is the case, the team will assist you moving forward. That in and of itself is often very helpful, as the team can help guide the process along, saving you money in the end.

Construction disputes are happening more and more frequently. It is important that these issues are addressed as soon as possible, so that everyone involved can get back to their daily life. Contact someone like StewartPattersonBarrister.co.uk

The last thing you want is for your project to be held up indefinitely due to a dispute. Not only will you lose money, but the frustration and stress the situation adds to your life is unnecessary. Finding a resolution is best for all parties involved.

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